Insurance Claims 101

The Truth About Hail & Wind Damage

Many homeowners are skeptical when hearing insurance is paying for a roof replacement due to hail and wind storms, and for good reason.  The Roofing business is full of dishonest contractors, and with the current economic climate, many people now claim to be roofers with little or no experience or company history.

Storm damage is considered a catastrophic event and can void the warranty on your roof.  Because of this, insurance companies take it very seriously and will assign an adjuster to inspect your roof todetermine if a damaged roof is insurable.  If it is damaged, and therefore not insurable, they are required to replace the roof.

Georgia has received many of these types of storms over the past several years.  The key is to have an honest contractor inspect your roof.  Green Star Roofing employs storm damage professionals who will review your roof damage with you, and provide an honest analysis.

Over time, storm damage will become more evident and will inevitably start to cause problems.  Hail damage cannot be verified from the ground, reduces the life of your roof, and will eventually cause water damage.

Green Star Roofing specializes in insurance claims and re-roofing storm damaged systems. Our process includes:

  • A no-cost roof inspection, including pictures, and will present findings to you.
  • Assessment including the condition of your roof, extent of storm damage and if the damage constitutes filing a claim.
  • Insurance representation. We will meet your insurance adjuster, assist with scope and assessment; representing your interests first.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to ensure accuracy and that you get the most value for your new roof system.

    Green Star Roofing, Inc. employs a professional team trained in the detection and analysis of storm damage and will advise you of a warranted insurance claim. We will represent your interests as we work for you with your insurance company to show them any damages we find.

    Common Indications that you may need a roof inspection:

    • Recent Hail or Wind storm
    • Water-stains on the ceiling
    • Roof debris on the ground after heavy winds
    • Rot, warping, or curling of existing roof material
    • Extreme moss build-up